Friday, 5 February 2016


Hostname is used to name each computer in a network that has a different name. Hostname facilitate us to distinguish each computer on the network rather than memorisation using the ip address.

On the linux operating system and Debian, the service runs on the NetBIOS protocol. Automatically, kekita we install the operating system, we will be asked in advance for naming the hostname. Although it has been added hostname when installed, we can still change the hostname in the operating system.

Open and edit the hosts file below, and add the ip address on the second line. Then hostname, and aliases.

Note : = hostname. The hostname is the identity of the pc will we call.
The second is the configuration file for its own hostname.

Hostname can use the Short hostname (hostname without domain), can also use the full hostname (FQHN), depending on demand. For a quick way to replace the hostname, you can use the echo command.
Restart the hostname to be directly activated by the system.

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