Saturday, 6 February 2016

Firewall Jaringan

Firewalls in the network world is a device, either hardware, or software that serves to limit, inspect and manage the network traffic. Not only the IP address and port can be limited by the firewall, but the packet can also be limited by the firewall. Firewall has several actions that can be performed on a packet. If the packet permitted by the firewall, the packet will be forwarded to the local network, and vice versa if the packet is rejected, then the packet will not be able to get into the local network. Typically, a firewall is used as a barrier between the Internet to the local network. Firewall as a barrier, used to prevent attacks that come from outside.
In the world of the network, the firewall is paramount to the security of the network. The firewall will limit the right of access, IP address, or specific ports that are considered harmful to the local network. Like a housing, a firewall is a security guard inside the housing. He will oversee all of the past and always alert, especially if there is a person who entered into the housing. If someone violates a rule or is deemed dangerous, the person will not be allowed entry into the housing. And if the person meets the rules and not harm, then that person will be allowed to enter into the housing.

What is the importance of the firewall?You still ask how important the firewall? Firewall is certainly a very important thing, especially in the network security system. Without a firewall, anyone can go out into the network freely. We could not figure out which of bad faith on our local network. Therefore, it would not hurt us to pair the firewall for local network security system.

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