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Backup Configuration Mikrotik

Backups are considered trivial for most people, why? because they can make backup data, or they can download the files were missing, but it is very meaningful to opreker mikrotik. Backup allows you to apply the configuration of the router A to router B. In that sense, the backup facilitate job reconfiguration if you will be moving the router. Backup also works if there is an error in the configuration of a router, you can restore your router configuration, which is already in a previous backup. This configuration will be saved in the form file format or .src .backup. The backup file can be downloaded on your PC or you save in your flashdrive.
As I have explained that the backup file format and .src .backup. Then what is the difference between the two?
Binary files (.backup)
- Can not be edited notepad
- Backing up entirely
- Create return point (to get back to normal)
Script files (.src)
- Can be read / edited by text editor
- Can backup portion
- Unable to restore

What that means can be edited with notepad?
Binary file you can open it with notepad, but you can not edit it. Binary file containing machine language and therefore, you can not edit it. In contrast to a script file that contains the language that we can understand and you can edit it. With edit it, you do not need to repeatedly backup if there is a change, but you can edit with notepad.

Backing partially and wholly?
By using the binary file, you can simply backup the whole and can not back up partially. Backing up mostly in the sense that we can back up what we want. Suppose we just want to backup your existing firewall on the router, it can not be done if we use a binary file. In contrast to script files, script files can be backing up what we want and if you want to backup the whole, this can be done by the script file.

Create return point?
This is what becomes an advantage in a binary file. Why? Because the binary file are create return point. What's that create a return point? Create return points have tool if the backup, will be the same all toolnya as default.
For backup using binary files, commands that can be used is as follows.

At the time of the backup, you can add a password on the file. Password is used to protect your backup file and prevent others from using your configuration. The way such as the following.

If you want to use winbox, can be done as follows.

If you want to apply a binary file, can be done as follows.


In the picture above, I add the syntax password due to the password on the binary file. If you are using winbox, you will be prompted to enter a password before applying the configuration.

Meanwhile, if you want to backup using a script file, you can use the following command.

If you just want to backup most of the configuration can be done as follows. (I will backup the mikrotik firewall)

And if you want to use a script file, do as follows.

If it fails to implement the script file as shown above, try to check in advance whether there is the same ip address on the router.

As I said earlier, that the script file has the advantage that it can be edited using notepad. Quite easy, consider the steps below.

After you edit the script file, you can use in mikrotik by drag and drop the files that have been edited, to file mikrotik.

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